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Why Dave's?

Competitive Pricing, & Quality Content Delivered By A Certified Professional Educator

Dave's is NOT just a rubber stamp course for a fee.

Dave's wants students of discerning parents who truly care and understand what the responsibilities of becoming a teen driver are, and that the decisions they will have to make have real personal and financial consideration for their future of driving a vehicle safely on our nation's roads.

Dave's offers a course like few others.

Our three step process is simple:

  1. Take the class to get a foundation for passing the temps test.
  2. Learn to drive safely and correctly according to the content of passing the Road Test.
  3. After 6 months of practicing what was taught, passing the road test to get your Probationary License.

Now, the rest is up to the driver. It's reality based, head pounding, and thought provoking from a parents, teachers, and teen's perspectives.

Dave stakes a personal interest in every single person who takes his course. The student's success in obtaining and passing the road test is the single greatest focus of the course. Inclusion of a student doing some real life situational hands-on learning, and you have the core foundation of Dave's Driving school.

Dave expects the students to turn in quality work because he demands it of the students. Students/Parents want true, real life scenarios, homework that has meaning and future considerations.

Only 4 homework related assignments: (Parts of it completed in the classroom)

  • Motorist Handbook/packet
  • Map reading
  • Hands On: They must do an oil change, as well as tire jack-up and removal.
  • Family Vehicle Project:
    • Involves simple parts researching and pricing of 6 basics of auto maintenance.
    • Researching a used vehicle under $4000.
    • Visiting the family's insurance company.

About driving: Dave's takes students all around Central Wisconsin: from South of Wisconsin Rapids and the Lakes area of Adams Friendship, to North of Stevens Point to Lake Du Bay and Wausau, West to Pittsville & Marshfield, and even East to Waupaca & Wautoma.

Dave gives 6, full, 2 hr. actually "on the road" (no simulators) sessions. Two students per car. Dave's offers flexible and multiple classroom sessions with variable Driving times from as early as 6:30 a.m. til 10:00 p.m. Monday - Saturday, and 8:00 a.m. - Noon on Sundays.

Dave teaches the content of a real driving test and even does a "mock test'.

  • One-ways & Highways: interstate and rural
  • Parking: Parallel, Straight & Angle, Straight Backing, Lane Changes, city, residential, business and school zones are included.
  • And no speeding! Safety is required, stressed and accident prevention techniques always encouraged!

Lastly, Dave seriously makes learning driving fun!